Karinna Hotel Convention & Spa

Bursa, Five Star

With a 27-year background in the industry, Koçoglu Construction is a proven and leading corporation with operations in Turkey and Cyprus in construction, energy, foods and agriculture, transportation and tourism.Along with its ongoing projects, the corporation has recently opened Hotel Karinna in the 2nd Development Section of Mount Uludag to serve its valuable customers.Starting activities in the tourism industry by opening a 4-star hotel called Arinna in Side-Antalya in 1990, Koçoglu Construction proceeded by investing into Hotel Georgest in Paris-France, Hotel KARINNA in Uludag that started operations on December 27 and Colosseum Resort and Casino, which is planned for opening in 2007 in Cyprus.Moreover, Koçoglu Construction operates in the air transportation industry and is going to start long-distance cargo transportation under the brand Coach Airlines in the first quarter of 2006, at the same time planning to launch passenger transportation in the upcoming quarters of the same year.Aiming to provide its customers the best service possible since 1981, Koçoglu Construction has become a respected and trusted company confidently proceeding with projects aiming customer satisfaction.