Tourist Hotel

Cappadocia, Four Star

Tourist Hotel is situated in Goreme Nevsehir, within outdoor museum situated in the plain nature with a best harmony without any detrimental effect to its surrounding with its both architecture and landscape. Situated on a land estate of altogether 27,500 square meters, CAPPADOCIA TOURIST HOTEL houses 6,080 square meters enclosed area. You are sincerely welcomed right after you have entered into the hotel. Since its first commissioning, CAPPADOCIA TOURIST HOTEL is distinguished with its remarkable service quality.A terrace with an anteroom is available for those who would like to see the matt colors of Intern Anatolia, full of balloon excursionist up in the pair to view Cappadocian Cone, valleys and hills full of the first churches ever built in the Christian History.You will be astonished with surprise in CAPPADOCIA TOURIST HOTEL far beyond your expectations. CAPPADOCIA TOURIST HOTEL is a genuine holiday hotel offering excursion on the camels, situated close to oleaster garden with vineyard here and there, big pool in green garden, together with swimming pool for children and wine house for the tastes of the guests. You will experience exotic impulses of your body with Sultan Massage provided by the massagers by making use of exclusive mediums and aromas. All these are clear explanation why anyone visiting Goreme Nevsehir prefers CAPPADOCIA TOURIST HOTEL.