Goreme Kaya Otel

Cappadocia, Four Star

The main part of the building, which is being used by Kaya Hotel and Restaurant, has been constructed 200 years ago according to the architectural tradition in Cappadocia. Then in 1950, the main building has been renovated and extended with additional parts according to the needs of the family that owned the residence  In 1985, the building has been restored and began to be used primarily as a restaurant and later a hotel, which serves local and international guests. As the building is one of the masterpieces of Cappadocian civil architecture,  the restoration has been accomplished with due care to preserve the unique features of local culture. All materials and objects used in the hotel are selected among local handicrafts - such as handmade carpets and rugs, local tiles and ceramic products, objects ornamented with mother of pearl, hand-made blankets and garments.- The positive feedbacks received from international guests that constitute most of our customers indicate the appropriateness of this choice.