Uchisar Kaya Otel

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Uçhisar Kaya Hotel; The first rock carving hotel of the world, established by carving into the rocks of the Uçhisar Güvercinlik Valley. An ideal holiday environment in order to walk on the foot steps of the past, to feel the breaths carried by the unique nature from far ago. The whole comfort of modern life is covered with the miracles of nature and came together at Kaya Hotel.A magical geography which will, with its incomparable vast view, wide open your curtains of imagination. Here, the view of the Uçhisar Castle, of which’s view you cannot get enough, does not only appeal to your eyes, but also to your soul. The Güvercinlik and Kızılçukur Valleys, Uçhisar Castle, Fairy Chimneys and the Mount Erciyes, which will bewitch you with its magnificence, are opening the doors of utopia from your room, your garden, your terrace and your balcony. That, what the Uçhisar Kaya Hotel provides you, is not restricted by historical and natural beauties.With the authentic delicious tastes of the region, the dishes of the selective samples of world kitchens, which will cheer your taste, the congeniality of the cheerful employers, which will not let you seek the warmness of a family, it invites you to feeling, which you will possibly experience for the first time.