Salinas Istanbul Hotel

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Salinas Istanbul Hotel, Istanbul - amp;apos;s one of the leading hotel and an ideal place to visit the many tourist attractions. Whether for business or for a holiday here, we are all your needs and meet your recreation we - amp;apos;re here for. Our hotel is within walking distance of Topkapi Palace Museum and the Grand Bazaar - amp;apos;or hosts in Istanbul - amp;apos;s most fascinating and most iconic location is located. Salinas Istanbul Hotel, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman cultures is home to the Istanbul - amp;apos;s most ancient section is located in a hidden beauty to uncover you bekliyor.ya as just a few minutes a short period of Istanbul - amp;apos;s most beautiful venues you can see. Our hotel with modern comforts and tradition perfectly combines the nineteenth century, from the end of a very elegant structure is located in Istanbul - amp;apos;s most beautiful and historic neighborhood located in is a family business.